WARNING This page will take quite a bit to load due to all of the illustrations. Since this page is written for people who may know nothing about computers, it must be well illustrated in order to be well understood. Thank-you.

Valid Mirc Key for mirc from mirc.com or download DreamIRC

name:Travis Clark
serial number:10148-956957


If you have any trouble understanding anything that's presented in these instructions, PLEASE e-mail one of our IRCops listed on the DemonZone Home page someone can help you through the rough spot.

This page has been updated for the newest version of mIRC.


1. Downloading the mIRC installation executable:

This is a fancy way of saying that you're grabbing the program off the net and getting ready to install it.

Click here to Download Our PNC mIRC

By Clicking on the above icon you should be able down download the IRC client mIRC. When the dialog box like this comes up:

You now have two options:

  1. Download the install file onto your computer, incase you need to reinstall later you wouldn't need to re-download it.

  2. Open the File without saving it permanently.

For our purposes select the "Open" option
(Netscape should have a similar window, but I don't touch the stuff)<

When the Download is complete it should run the Installation Program automatically.

2. The Installation Program

When you run the Installation software, you should get a window that looks like this:

Obviously, press 'Next'

Provided you agree to the license agreement, press 'Yes'

You can set the Installation directory to wherever you would like, I recommend the default, but some people have certain ways they like things set up.
The three checkmarks should be left as-is and press the Install button.

The Screen will start installing mIRC which will look like this:

And then when it's complete it will show the following window:

Press Ok and you're ready to start setting the program up.

3. Setting mIRC up for your first Connection.

The mIRC installation software should have created a window that
looks similar to this:


If it's not there, don't panic, you can find it under the Start button by going through :

Start Button Programs Menu mIRC mIRC

This should open mIRC. This is what the mIRC client should look like:

After you close the About mIRC window by clicking on the little X in it's upper right corner, it will open the setup window for you, which looks something like this:

First thing's First. Learning that there are a lot of IRC networks out there. So, if you're looking for a specific channel, make sure you go to the right network. Think of it this way: there's more than one Pine street in the world right? So you'd have to know what city to look in. Works the same way here.  Our network info is as follows:

Description: DemonZone
IRC Server: demonzone.partnaz-n-crime.com
Port: 6667

The next lesson you learn on IRC is nothing is real, so don't put your REAL name in the Full Name box, put something fake and cute if you like though, because this information is publicly available.

Please put your e-mail address in the e-mail address, Please use your real email address. This is so the server administrator can send you your password in case you forget it.

You MUST enter a nickname in the nickname field.. this is a required field, and unfortunately, most of the time the good ones are taken, try to be original and something you can identify with.

'Alternative' is the nick that mIRC will automatically try to get if your primary nickname is already taken by someone else. (and this one may be taken too, at which time mIRC will prompt you to enter another original nickname.)

There are limitations, for example there is a 9 character maximum on a nickname on EFnet but the limitations vary from network to network

The "Invisible" mode checkmark option is something you can enable, it makes you less susceptible to random attacks and mass messages (spam), however it also means it'll be more difficult for your own friends to track you down.

Next is the Options section:

Here you'll want to put checkmarks in the first and second squares, and remove the checkmark from the third.

Next click on the Identd section and reveal this screen: >

Here you'll want to put a checkmark in the 'Enable Identd server' and type in a User ID (This can be anything, it becomes part of your unique hostmask) and the rest of the settings should be fine.

Everything else can be left as it is, you probably don't need to enable a firewall unless you're behind one (if you consistently get the 'No Route to host' error when trying to connect, talk to whoever is in charge of your internet because this is probably the problem)

Click on OK and we'll cover some basic commands.

4. Getting Started Using mIRC

In the upper left hand corner there should be a little lightning bolt
and it will begin the process of connecting you to IRC.
Though, from now on it will connect automatically when you start it.

You should see something similar to the following message:

*** Connecting to demonzone.partnaz-n-crime.com (6667)

[21:46] -demonzone.partnaz-n-crime.com- *** Looking up your hostname...
[21:46] -demonzone.partnaz-n-crime.com- *** Found your hostname
—I-n-v-i-s-i-o-n— Welcome to the DemonZone IRC Network
> Your host is demonzone.partnaz-n-crime.com, running version Unreal3.2.7
> This server was created Fri Aug 31 2007 at 01:13:49 EDT
> demonzone.partnaz-n-crime.com UnrealIRCD 6.0.4 iowghraAsORTVSxNCWqBzvdHtGp lvhopsmntikrRcaqOALQbSeIKVfMCuzNTGj
> WALLCHOPS WATCH=128 SILENCE=15 MODES=12 CHANTYPES=# PREFIX=(qaohv)~&@%+ CHANMODES=beI,kfL,lj,psmntirRcOAQKVCuzNSMTG NETWORK=Partnaz-N-Crime CASEMAPPING=ascii EXTBAN=~,cqnr ELIST=MNUCT STATUSMSG=~&@%+ EXCEPTS are supported by this server > INVEX are supported by this server
> - demonzone.partnaz-n-crime.com Message of the Day -
- 24/4/2008 22:00 - Welcome To DemonZone Network, here to help with all your irc needs, if you
- - would like to create a channel just pm a ircop and create the channel, we are
- here to service in any way as possable for all of your irc needs! Should you need any help
- please join our help channel called #pnc!
- - Thanks DemonZone Team!!
- - ********************************************************************************

This means you're connected and window should have popped up that looks like this:

This is a list of some of the 'default' Chatting channels, but for our example we'll use a local one, (By The Way, almost all channels have a # symbol in front of their name, and none have spaces)

Take the checkmark off the 'Pop up Folder on Connect' box and press the OK button (you can bring this window up at any time by it's button on the buttonbar in mIRC, it's the third button from the left).

Now, on the bottom of every window in mIRC there is a little strip, this is where you can type.

All commands in mIRC start with the / character, for example, if you wanted to join the movieclub channel, you type the following command:

/join #pnc

Make sure to press enter at the end so it sends the command and a new window should pop up.

This window has the familiar strip across the bottom where you type but now the window is divided in two parts by that scrolling bar.

The left hand window (where it says *** Now talking in #pnc) is where you will see people talking, you can only talk to people who are IN #pnc right now in this window (but you can be in as many different channels at once as you want).

On the right hand side you can see the nicks (nicknames) of the people in the channel..

People with @ symbols in front of their Nicks are people who have what is called 'ops', which is short for 'Operators'. They have the power to kick, ban, promote people to ops and take ops away from people as well as other controls. whoever gets into a channel first automatically gets ops for that channel and can then choose who else to give ops to. (unless the server has what's called 'chanserv' which is a system whereby people can register channels so that it isn't who comes first that gets ops, it's the channel owner.)

5. Conclusion

Well, That's about it for this page for now, if you can think of anything that needs changing, updating or adding, let us know and remember, if ANYONE needs help, don't hesitate to e-mail an IRCOP (list is on the home page), if you're having trouble with your e-mail contact your ISP support staff, THEN e-mail one of us :)

(by the way, :) is a sideways smiley face)

Hope this page has helped shed some light on how to get on IRC, once you're actually on IRC feel free to ask any questions you have and we'll be more than happy to help you out, if we're away, don't worry, just leave an e-mail address and someone will get in touch with you!

Have Fun!